Welcome to this year's primier youth trap & skeet shooting event. The event is open to all school age trap shooters. A one day one hundred target skeet event will be followed by a two day, two hundred target trap event. Each event will crown individual and squad champions in divisions and categories, based on school grade and experience. Team championships (based on the total of the 5 best scores) will be awarded to the winner of both the school and gun club conference.

Team, Squad and Individual are the three sets of awards for the US Open events.   Athletes enter the competition as part of a Team.  The team can be any number of shooters from a gun club, school or other organization. The sum of the top five scores is used to determine the Team's score. Coaches divide their team into squads. Total of the three scores for skeet or five scores for trap will determine the squad winner. Individuals shoot for themselves (total targets broken).

For the Team competition there are two conferences, Schools and Gun Clubs.  Winners in the Team competition are based on the total of the best five scores.  First, Second and Third Place trophies are awarded in each conference.  Teams from organizations such as the 4-H, FFA, Scouts, A.I.M. compete in the Gun Clubs conference. Teams representing schools compete in the Schools conference.

The squad and individual competitions are divided into five divisions based on school grade and experience.  September 1st, 2010 is the date used for determining the athletes grade and experience level. are determined by the athletes grade level on September 1st, 2010. Athletes in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 are in the senior division. Senior division athletes in the division for more than one year are in the varsity category. Senior division athletes in their first year in the division are in the junior varsity category.

Athletes in grades 6, 7 and 8 are in the intermediate division. Intermediate division athletes in their second year in the division are in the Intermediate Advanced catetory. Those in the first year in the division are in the Intermediate Entry Level category.

Athletes in grades 5 and under are classified as Rookies.

First, Second and Third place awards are presented individuals in each division and category.

Athletes are assigned to Squads by their coach.  Squads compete in the same divisions and categories as individuals.  Coaches may bump athletes to an upper division/category when there are not enough shooters to fill a squad.  For example, if a coach has 12 athletes registered for the tournament and he is short a Varsity athlete, he may bump up an athlete to create a competitive squad.  (Squads are assigned to a division/category based on the highest individual classificaton on the squad.) After forming competitive squads, the remaining athletes will be assigned to a non-competitive squad by shoot management.  Squad winners (competitive squads) are determined by the total score for the squad.

Individual ties in skeet are broken by the longest run (front or back). If the long runs are a tie, then a shoot off (doubles at stations 3, 4, and 5). Individual ties in trap are broken by a 25 round shoot off.  Squads shoot off (25 rounds)  against each other with the winner awarded the top prize.  Team ties are broken by adding the score for the “next high” shooter.  If the tie continues and one team runs out of shooters, the coach selects two team members for a shoot off (25 targets).